Everything is pretty much self-explanatory. I highly recommend you check the links I've posted. The Internet has enabled an unheralded exchange of thought and information. There's a lot of news and opinion you just won't get through the Alphabet Mafia and with the insanity of the modern day, who wants news with fillers and filters? Fcuk that!

heavy rotation is whatever I'm listening to now, so check it out cause since I'm listening to it, it has to be good. Did I mention that I'm a musical despot? I'm like Audio Mussolini.

I don't even know what the big thing is on the pop scene anymore. What is this Maroon 5 shit? What mongoloid gave those asswelts a record contract? Is that hop-hip thing still going? What's "fo' shneezy"? And who is Lil' Kim? Is that like, Lil' Abner?