Tsunami Relief & Spurious George

Here's a link to Google's list of Tsunami Relief web sites. This is a tragedy of incalculable proportion. If you can give even 20 bucks, please do.

I'm someone who feels the United States goes above and beyond the call in terms of aid, medicine and food donations to other countries in need. 50% of world economic assistance comes from us alone. But how the hell can Bush mismanage Iraq to the tune of 90 billion dollars plus....and only scrounge up 30 million dollars for the tragedy in Southeast Asia? I'm happy to see that we are sending military support and an aircraft carrier to the region, but for the love of God, 100,000 people plus are dead and all we can manage is 30 million? In case you don't grasp the enormity of this tragedy, well, ever hear of the Maldive Islands?

Most of them no longer exist.

Most Sri Lankan fishermen are unaccounted for.

100 people were killed on the Somali coast...3,000 miles away.

Mr. President, why don't you pony up some of that tax money taken from the public for the weapons we didn't use on Baghdad and Fallujah (you know, the ones we apparently keep for show) and write out a bigger check for the people of Southeast Asia? I think that would be a financial allocation we could all agree on...

and the Christian thing to do.