I'd Rather Be Lied To:


"In the wake of the CBS "60 Minutes" controversy, a new Gallup Poll finds the news media's credibility has declined significantly among the public.

The poll, taken Sept. 13-15 while the CBS report on President Bush's National Guard service was being questioned but before the network issued an apology, found that just 44% of Americans express confidence in the media's ability to report news stories accurately and fairly.

The partisan divide goes something like this: 59% of Democrats express confidence in the media, 31% of Republicans do so and 44% of Independents feel that way."

60% of Democrats express confidence in the media? So the self-admittedly liberal media (a recent poll concluded that only 7% of people working in national news outlets considered themselves to be conservatives) gets it's strongest support from those who profess the same political views? Get out of town!

This proves Michael Savage's theory that "liberalism is a mental disease." Other recent polls have also shown that 60% of Democrats believe in the Tooth Fairy and that I have a wonderful beachfront property in Siberia to show them. The fact that 60% of ANYONE believes a quarter of the BS they hear on TV is enough to demand mandatory IQ testing for those who want to bear children.