Apocalypse Now

My Prediction:

Yankees 8, Boston 7 in 13 innings

Look for Mo and Matsui to have big moments. This is an Apocalyptic game for both franchises and to be honest, I already feel defeat breathing down my neck. Still, I base this opinion not on gut feeling, but on history. This loss would greatly soil the Yankees rep. They had the Sox beat, yet Boston is now the first team in baseball to come back from 3-0 down to force a 7th game; they can become the first ever to win that 7th game. Boston has marched impressively down the field here and they are now currently favored to win by most accounts. However, as Mike Patton once sang: "History tells us that you are."

I'm going to read it this way. Nothing comes without a price. The price for Yankees fans is these gut-wrenching 7 game series. But as in the past, Boston will lose again by some unfortunate happenstance. I believe The Curse cuts both ways. It drags fans of both teams through the gutter, but always manages to leave Boston in it. Remember that the case last year is the same this year for Boston: they forced a game 7 while coming to NY for the last two games of a 7 game ALCS down 3-2. They lost. As they will tonight. It's why I said it would go 7 the whole time: Boston has to be given as much hope as possible so it hurts like hell on the way down.

Go Yankees
Grazie Bambino