The Massachusetts Mediaverse

I'm watching the Yankees/Sox game tonight on Fox and I can't help but notice how Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, for the benefit of the anti-Yankee national audience I presume, seem to make almost every pronouncement and/or judgment call in favor of Boston. I'm analyzing this in my mind and I can't help but notice how biased the coverage is, much like the MSM's election coverage. Apparently, like art, sports imitates life.

The Sox are unconventional and unshaven. They are the underdog/everyman/milquetoast of professional athletics, compared to the conservative, clean-cut, upper-class Yankees. Now take the election into consideration. We have a disorderly incumbent, who speaks his drawl-ridden rhetoric through a mouth filled with marbles, pitted against the suave, nuanced, jet-setting Senator. If politics were baseball, we'd be cheering on Bush like there was no tomorrow. Instead, an America which already lives in the shadow of Massachusetts (Kennedy much?) seems to be casting it's lot with John Kerry, another New Englander who, much like those Sox, looks like he's going to get just close enough to the grail to watch it slip away.

The Yankees are redundant champions. In the eyes of most, they can buy their victories by virtue of the unjust warfare they conduct on the field. Many would say the same of George Bush. Funny how those cast in the light of tarnished American glory still seem to be winning.