Pandora's Box

Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards on the tragic death of his son in a traffic accident. From USA Today:

"Edwards refuses to say how or if his son's death is related to his political career. "That's personal and private to me, and I don't want to talk about it," Edwards says."

Maybe Dick Cheney felt the same way about you bringing up his gay daughter, Senator.

I'm not comparing the Edwards' tragedy to the Cheneys' situation. I'm pointing out that certain things happen in families, public and private, that should not be brought for public consumption unless by the family members themselves. A presidential debate is hardly the appropriate place to open a personal Pandora's Box. Besides, Dick Cheney's daughter likes girls. And? This effects defense spending how? Kamp Kerry's lame-brained attempt to secure the homosexual vote (um, apparently Joe Lockhart forgot to notify Kerry that he already did lock up the homosexual vote) came off as tactless and bullying. Maybe Kerry got that shrapnel in Vietnam by shooting himself in the foot.