Pedro's Dad Found...

...and he lives in The Bronx.

Yankees 3, Boston 1

It's not over yet. I don't ever count out the Sox. But things are looking up. Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer ever. There's no argument. The guy is sick. It would be nice to face a healthy Schilling, but the guy had it coming. After all, we know he went to Boston cause he thinks he's bigger than The Curse.

However, Curt Schilling isn't big enough to hold The Babe's jock. He's an awesome pitcher, Hall-Of-Fame caliber certainly. But it's easier to shut up 55,000 New Yorkers than it is to silence over 80 years of ineptitude.

Here's a fun quote from this morning, registered by ESPN's "Daily Quickie" resident thought mongoloid Dan Shanoff:

"Pedro may or may not have been playing mind games with everyone with the "daddy" talk, but the only people who fear Game 2 NY starter Jon Lieber are Yankees fans themselves. After Game 1, can we handle more offense? Because it's coming.

Maybe in Game 3. As for tonight, wrong again, Mr. Quickie. Jon Lieber is an inning-eating former All-Star. He performed marvelously tonight, both quieting Red Sox Nation and proving a point I've made before: Dan Shanoff is a stupid dick.

All in all, a good night.