We Don't Need No Education...

Bruce Thornton writes at Victor Davis Hansons' private papers, in regards to the extreme leftist ideology rampant in so many U.S. universities:

"This numbing orthodoxy partly results from old-line Marxist received wisdom that, despite being repudiated by history, lives on in the groves of academe like some wood-boring beetle..."Last time I checked," Shapiro (Ben, author of "Brainwashed") responds, non-market systems "had starved twenty million people in the USSR, thirty million people in China, and millions more throughout the world." This disconnect between ideological bromides and the simple facts of history, evident in the presumed bastions of critical thinking and factual accuracy, should disturb us all. As Shapiro sums it up, "Marxism is dying globally. But it's alive and kicking at America's universities."

Read the whole thing. It's frightening.