Naked Pigs Pinkies

From the Weekly Standard:

"Following up on his interview with the Bushes, Dr. Phil today rolled the film on his interview with John Kerry and Teresa Heinz. One could hear the congestion in the senator's voice as he was apparently suffering from a cold during the taping. Dr. Phil was again accompanied by his wife Robin, who contributed questions as the foursome talked of co-parenting, blended families, divorce, and the candidate's childhood.

The most surprising moment came early on, though it had been teased in the opening: Teresa Heinz, not for the first time in public, made reference to miscarriages she suffered during her marriage to Senator John Heinz. "I call them piggies," she said, meaning the fetuses that did not make it to term.

Unsettling as that topic was, Dr. Phil and his wife politely kept the conversation moving. Unlike his mentor Oprah, Dr. Phil is not a master of the spontaneous moment. It is a failing also of the edited, taped set-up, in comparison with the live interviews Oprah did with Bush and Al Gore in 2000, that one had almost no sense of exactly how long the discomfort lingered."

No one with a respect for human life would call their past miscarried children "piggies." Still, not suprising for the same woman who, while visiting a hurricane relief center, remarked that too many resources were being used to send clothing instead of food or water. And I quote: "Clothing is wonderful, but let them go naked for a while, at least the kids."

Anybody but Bush? Be careful what you wish for.

UPDATE: Apparently, the comment was misreported. Drudge posts that she said her miscarried fetuses were her "pinkies." It still sounds gross.