Behold The Peanut Farmer, Vol. 2

Brooklyn Federal Judge and all-around class act Charles Sifton outed an undercover NYPD officer by forcing her to testify in court under her real name. From the NY Daily News:

"...Sifton, a former federal prosecutor appointed by President Jimmy Carter in 1977, was unmoved. He said he checked the NYPD Web site and found 10 precincts in Brooklyn North.

'The ability of the undercover to operate in one project does not deprive her of her remarkable skill to be effective in any of the many other housing projects within the other precincts,' he said."

Say what you like about the neocons. If there's a fair bone in your body, you'll also admit that over the past 80 years, American Liberalism has morphed into neo-Socialism. What Ronald Reagan feared was real, is real and is perpetuated by the ever-looming spectre of the Daschles, Kerrys, Clintons, etc. The godfather of this abortion is none other than Castro's peanut farming confidant, Jimmy Carter. Everything the man touches turns to shit. He is quite literally, walking evil. He is a virus, replicating in the form of fraudulence, terrorism, anti-semitism, one-worldism and Marxism. The Earth is a better place without him.

I will not vote for John Kerry, as to do so would be to provide another pint of blood for vampires like James Carter and his ilk.