Pass The Kleenex

Permission to flog the media barons who green-lighted know-nothings like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart to discuss politics? I just watched Stewart interviewing Rudy Giuliani on "The Daily Show" and was amazed at the gall Stewart showed by mocking Bush's mention of the Polish military contingent in the debate last night. And though he called him on it and informed him of how disrespectful he had just been, shame on Giuliani and the other political media whores who step foot on that faux news program.

It is my understanding that although a great many Poles are opposed to the war in Iraq, a recent worldwide survey concluded that most Poles would elect Bush if they had the opportunity to vote in our election. That said, out of respect to the many Poles laying their lives on the line in the Iraq conflict, it would behoove Mr. Stewart to STFU and have some respect for those in harm's way.

After all, should another 9/11 take place, it is the same brave warriors like the Poles fighting in Iraq, who will be taking the fight overseas and defending civilization, while the Jon Stewart's of the world, once again, sit before their cameras and teleprompters, blubbering like children about the inhumanity of it all.