The Ghosts Of Lambert Field

Anyone recall when 'Just Like You' John referred to Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, as 'Lambert Field?' NRO's Jonah Goldberg has the Skerry campaign's lame-ass response:

"After Kerry dropped that "Lambert Field" comment, this was their damage control: '...David Wade, a Kerry spokesman, said Packers fans will see the failed "playbook" of the Republicans. "Any Packers fan knows . . . Bush has fumbled on Iraq, did a double reverse on the assault weapons ban and dropped the ball on health care."

Is it inappropriate for me to say that, although I lack a vagina, I feel as if I've just been forcibly douched?

It's ok, sheeple. Keep believing that Senator Ketchup is a man of the people. After all, most middle-class Bostonians were educated at the prestigious 'Institut Montana Zug' in Switzerland and know that as long as 'Manny Ortez' keeps hitting like a man possessed, the Sawx still have a shot.