Plagarist, Thy Name Is Larry

Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law's constitutional scholar and the Democrat's attorney for the 2000 Recount, was discovered on Monday with his pants around his ankles, wiping egg off his face with one hand while attempting to pull the other out of a cookie jar. Newsmax.com reports:

"(Tribe) admitted in a statement Monday that his 1985 book, 'God Save This Honorable Court,' cribbed heavily from Henry Abraham's 1974 book, 'Justices and Presidents,' including an entire 19-word passage, the Associated Press reported today.

Tribe fretted, 'My well-meaning effort to write a book accessible to a lay audience through the omission of footnotes or endnotes – in contrast to the practice I have always followed in my scholarly writing – came at an unacceptable cost: my failure to attribute some of the material the Weekly Standard identified."

In other news: witnesses claim to have seen Tribe sipping mushroom tea with Dan Rather, the Mad Hatter and Stephen Hawking. The four were reportedly discussing whether the entire DNC could be shrunk down to sandwich size and hidden in Sandy Berger's memo-laden trousers until 2008.

As the Jug so wisely sayeth: "Never trust ANYONE named "Laurence."