The Savagery Of Militant Islam

I regret to have to encourage you to click this link. Should you choose to, you will be taken to a website containing edited footage of the murder of Eugene Armstrong (R.I.P.). For some of you, the first WTC attack wasn't enough. 9/11 wasn't enough. The Achille Lauro wasn't enough. The Sudanese Embassy bombings weren't enough. Munich wasn't enough. The U.S.S. Cole wasn't enough. Daniel Pearl wasn't enough. The countless murdered Nepalese and Turkish hostages in Iraq weren't enough. Moscow wasn't enough. Beslan wasn't enough. Bali wasn't enough. Madrid wasn't enough. The Australian embassy bombing wasn't enough. The genocide against indigenous Black African Christian and Muslim Sudanese isn't enough. You apparently need more. So click the link and watch the video. I dare you. Before you do, however, read the following information, supplied by Iranian author and journalist Amir Taheri:

"Of the 30 active conflicts in the world today, 28 concern Muslim governments and/or communities. In the past two decades at least 2.5 million people have died in the wars fought within or between Muslim states. Two-thirds of political prisoners are held in Muslim countries, which also carry out 80% of all executions in the world. Muslims also account for nearly 80% of all the world's refugees."

I didn't see "Fahrenheit 9/11", but I doubt this information was supplied in the film.

With or without Israel and/or American involvement: the bloodshed, the kidnappings, the rape, the clitorecdomies, the enslavement, the beheadings, the genocide, the racism and the violent dogmatism that IS Militant Wahhabist Islam, would continue unabated. It is the enemy of all mankind and for the survival of all that is good, we MUST be vigilant in the face of it. Our children deserve that much.