Franc N' Steyn

Ouch. Mark Steyn never pulls punches when it comes to the ubiquitous John Francois:

"Just for the record, (Interim Iraqi Prime Minister) Allawi is not living in a fantasyland. He's living in Iraq, and he begins his day with a dangerous commute across Baghdad's 'Green Zone.' John Kerry's regular commute, by contrast, is from his wife's beach compound at Nantucket to his wife's 15th century English barn reconstructed as a ski lodge in Idaho. Nonetheless, he's the expert on Iraq and the guy living there 24/7 is the fantasist, and he's happy to assure us the prime minister doesn't know what he's talking about. It's all going to hell, forget about those January elections, etc."

It is a shame and a crime (and a testimony to the P.C. half-assedness of the Bush Presidency) that John Francois is only 8% behind Bush in the polls. Have we ever seen a politico, and a former serviceman at that, bad-mouth his own military as fervently and frequently as Senator Ketchup? This man has spat and defecated on the gurneys and graves of countless soldiers, back in the 70's and now again, 30 years later. The only quagmire of note is John Kerry's flimsy conscience.