Behold, The Peanut Farmer: Vol. 2

Joel Mowbray writes in FrontPage Magazine:

In a stomach-turning first-person essay on his trip to Cuba in May 2002 that reads like a “My summer vacation with a bloodthirsty tyrant,” Jimmy Carter writes, “President Castro and I had a friendly chat about growing peanuts” on the way to the hotel, and then later “[t]hat evening President Castro and I had a general discussion of issues and then enjoyed an ornate banquet.”

Did you know that in Cuba, to isolate the spread of AIDS, those who test HIV-Positive are often interned in concentration camps? I wonder what dinner is like in those facilities? Ornate peanut banquets, perhaps?

If there is a shred of justice left, Jimmy and Fidel will be spending their afterlife in a place where they can roast with their beloved peanuts for all eternity.