Thus Spake The Chixy Dick

"We have nothing to lose at this point, so any sort of fear or inhibition is out the window,'' (Natalie) Maines said by telephone this week. "We definitely want a regime change, and now that we're getting down to the wire I'm even less afraid to speak out. I just think things are absolutely life or death right now.''

Deep, Natalie. Real deep. Next time you eat a whole pack of Oreo's in one sitting, make sure to wash it down with a nice, piping-hot mug of Uncle Dave's STFU, you barely sentient, bipedal rhinoceros. I'd suggest you take some of that money you've made on lame-ass Fleetwood Mac covers and visit the Sudan, where there are plenty of displaced widows who could learn you a thing or two about what's "absolutely life or death right now."