The $50,000 Yugo

America is finished.

The fact that some polls are showing that Bush has only a 5% lead and others are showing a dead heat, are conclusive enough proof that this country is finished.

The well-meaning people of the United States have no concept of their rights. No concept of the importance of the Constitution. Most are more concerned with their phone bills than their Bill Of Rights. John Kerry spouted alot of nuanced, doctored bullshit the other night. He's essentially a well-dressed, well-spoken used car salesman and America's ready to take him up on a brand new, 2-door, $50,000 Yugo.

Again, I'm no fan of Bush. But for God's sake, John Kerry has already stated he would like to assist Iran with it's "nuclear fuel processing" program, for peaceful purposes of course. John Kerry has stated he will subject American soldiers to international tribunals. John Kerry would like to take YOUR ability to choose a health care provider and put it, with all else, in the hands of government, at your expense. This is Socialism. God willing, it will not stand.

But if we get it, we deserve it. For our silence, our weakness, our political correctness, pathetic self-guilt and pack mentality. I tell you without hesitation, I am very afraid for my country.