Response To A Visitor

"Uncle Dave, you stated, "I will begrudgingly root for Bush and cast my ballot for Mr. Badnarik." I understand your frustrations with President Bush, but be assured that your vote for Mr. Badnarik, understandably in protest, is no less a vote in absentia for John Kerry. I believe this election will be closer than many others believe and I ask you to reconsider your vote and put forth your support to reelect President Bush. Perhaps starting at a local level with support for Libertarians would get the ball rolling to the point that a Libertarian candidate would prove to be a viable option in a national election. However, this is not the election to try and make a statement in this way to show your disapproval of President Bush. (Unless, of course, you were supporting Nader in lieu of voting for Kerry.) There is simply too much at stake. Again, I ask you and friends of yours who are likeminded to reconsider your so very important vote this November."

Warmest Regards,


My response, in three points:

1.) While I agree that this election is far too important, please understand that I live in NY. The prospect of George Bush winning my state is zero to none. If I lived in a state where there was a remote chance of a Bush victory, I would strongly consider voting for him. Alas, I do not.

2.) As stated by a variety of pundits and politicians, how serious can George Bush be about fighting this war on terror when he has yet to deal with the open wound that is the Mexican border? I am of Hispanic descent. It would be a lie to say that Arabs can't be mistaken for Hispanics and Latinos and vice versa. I've been asked if I was Turkish on more than one occassion. Aside from the millions of illegals already here, there are far too many still entering the country at MY expense, and YOURS. Are they here for a better life? For work? For terror? Short answer is, it doesn't matter. For the political, cultural and physical safety of America, that border should be guarded lock and key! But it is not, which is why it is so difficult for me to vote Republican OR Democrat. Neither party wants to address the issue. Apparently, their friends and donors use the money they save hiring cheap illegal labor to keep the system as is. AMERICA IS ON LIFE SUPPORT AS LONG AS THIS INJUSTICE STANDS.

3.) As you know, we are in a war for civilization; a war with no end in sight. America is unwilling to take a proper course of action. While I'm not advocating nuclear war, I do advocate a much less PC approach than this Iraq nonsense, one we should have taken from the outset. I do not totally concur with the Libertarian Party Iine and I highly doubt that Mr. Badnarik, as Commander-In-Chief, would take the more heavy-handed approach I believe is necessary in much of the Middle East. However, he has ballot access in about ten more states than that egregious phony Ralph Nader. If now is not the proper time to attempt to convey the message to the Republican Party that it needs to stop being the Democratic Party of the 1970's, when will be the right time? People need to start using their VOTE to scare the two-party duopoly into representing them again.

Thanks for visiting and posting, Medic. I hope you'll continue to.