My Meaningless Endorsement

Great interview segments with Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party and Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party on C-Span today. I was highly impressed with Mr. Peroutka (ed. note: I've added a link to the Constitution Party). I would say he is a more polished and effective speaker than Badnarik. However, the LP has ballot access in 48 states(!) and though Mr. Peroutka is available only as a write-in here in NY, I feel the looming specter of the largest (and growing) third party will do more to strike fear into the dark hearts of the the duopoly. Further, I don't think America is ready for the more morally restrictive Constitution Party, although I do agree with many of their points.

I will be voting for Mr. Badnarik and if you live in a "non-battleground" state, please strongly consider doing the same.