Total Eclipse

Well, it looks like The Curse is about to come to quite an inglorious end. If you're a Yankee fan, that is. Then there's the fact that the we're witnessing the first total eclipse of the moon to take place during a World Series game, which makes it even creepier. I feel very conflicted. Part of me says to start building a bomb shelter in anticpation of Apocalypse, another part of me is waiting for my anus to spontaneously hemorrage. Hey, enjoy it Boston fans. Tonight, many of you will have the best sex of your lives. Legions of chowderheads will be conceived; we'll probably bear witness to an entire generation of guys with names like Pedro O'Donnell. And though the celebration is certain to be marred by some unfortunate deaths, 86 years is a long time coming.

Yes. Enjoy it. Take it from a Yankee fan. You can't win forever. And once the losing starts, it just ain't as fun as it was. Payback's a bitch. Like we got ours...

...you'll get yours.