1 Day Left

Some thoughts:

*NO ONE is talking about the new Osama video.

Surprise! He lives. It's like a f***ing Jason movie. I'm just waiting for him to show up in one of these grainy VHS' with a naked co-ed in a headlock, machete in hand.

I think the timing is suspicious, I think the contents are suspicious, I think the lack of mention in the MSM, blogland even, is suspicious.


*I can't wait for this election to be over. I never want to see Bruce Springsteen, Ashton Kutcher, John Kerry, John Edwards or Michael Moore again. Can we put these guys in a giant gondola, light it on fire and send it over Niagara Falls?

*I'm guessing Bush will win by 2 or 3%. 275 Electoral.

*This is SUCH an ugly time for America and American politics.

*Thank God for Shannon Tweed.

*Giants are 5-2. And the Pats lost! I suspect Massachusetts suffers another loss Tuesday.

*Kerry is just so humdrum, so boring. Looking like Bud the Chud doesn't help much either. I think Triumph the Comic Dog could've beaten Bush. As my dad said: "It's Bush by a hair." Genius.

*I'm very dissapointed in the politics of many of my personal acquaintances. One actually referred to the
Dems in an e-mail as quote, "the good guys." I just think that anyone who SERIOUSLY thinks that either the Dems or Repubs have their best interests in hand are blissfully ignorant. Personally, I'd rather have a Republican in charge cause I don't like taxes and excessive social welfare. Others I know, care more about visiting Paris or Berlin and being "liked."

*Be forewarned if purchasing Phantagram's new XBox RPG "Kingdom Under Fire." My new disc freezes during missions. When I unwrapped the game, the outer plastic was stuck to the game cover plastic and the cover plastic ripped right off. I know Phantagram's an up-and-coming Korean game maker, but guys...were you high when you put this together? Sad thing is, it's a fun game, when it works...

*See? No one's talking about Osama.