My Little Redhead

The only fast food I will eat is Wendy's. I can't stand fast food, but Wendy's never leaves a bad taste in my mouth and is always fresh and filling. At least the two Wendy's I eat at.

Kudos to the company for allowing me to pass on the fries, in favor of the delicious chili with my hamburger combo. Many credit Dave Thomas' chili (secret recipe, of course) for the financial windfall which enabled him to open a chain of Wendy's. Mr Thomas, may he rest in peace, realized that he could use the excess Hamburger meat being discarded from the patties to make chili. The chili was a hit - and a boon to his bank account, as he was able to use excess food to create a new menu item without purchasing extra goods. It might not be a special blend of 11 herbs and spices, but it's still the foundation of the American dream - innovation.

Where most fast food will give you THE shits, Wendy's IS the shit.