Maintaining An Election

From MTV.com (Remember when they all they did was play videos? Scumbags.):

Kerry: I have a thing called Kids for Kerry, and kids all over the country are wearing Kids for Kerry T-shirts. [There is] a 6-year-old kid in Philadelphia, his name is Winfield. He gave me a Tupperware container with 680 bucks that he raised this summer selling bracelets on the street with a little table. [He] got his 9-year-old brother to make the bracelets. And he gave me 680 bucks.

Holy shit, Winfield. 6 years old and you're already such a proper Democrat. At least he's getting used to giving the government his hard-earned dough at a young age.

One of my best friends is in Ohio doing the "get-out-the-vote" thing for Kerry, and he actually sent out an email requesting all his friends to donate 10$ to sponsor his effort (I declined, choosing instead to use my 10$ on two issues of Fug Juckers Magazine. Funny how Kerry is the richest guy in ALL of U.S. government and people just throw money at him like a Balkan refugee wrapped around a pole at Scores.

This election is a landmark. We can all look back to today as the day we officially lost touch with reality.

Still, I'm more impressed with my old man than any of this nonsense. If what he is doing is to be part of a greater trend, it should be a clear victory for the incumbent. He's voting for the first time in his life, at 53 years of age, straight down the line for the GOP.