& God bless you and yours, as well as those less fortunate suffering unenviable pain in these tragic times...

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Tsunami Relief & Spurious George

Here's a link to Google's list of Tsunami Relief web sites. This is a tragedy of incalculable proportion. If you can give even 20 bucks, please do.

I'm someone who feels the United States goes above and beyond the call in terms of aid, medicine and food donations to other countries in need. 50% of world economic assistance comes from us alone. But how the hell can Bush mismanage Iraq to the tune of 90 billion dollars plus....and only scrounge up 30 million dollars for the tragedy in Southeast Asia? I'm happy to see that we are sending military support and an aircraft carrier to the region, but for the love of God, 100,000 people plus are dead and all we can manage is 30 million? In case you don't grasp the enormity of this tragedy, well, ever hear of the Maldive Islands?

Most of them no longer exist.

Most Sri Lankan fishermen are unaccounted for.

100 people were killed on the Somali coast...3,000 miles away.

Mr. President, why don't you pony up some of that tax money taken from the public for the weapons we didn't use on Baghdad and Fallujah (you know, the ones we apparently keep for show) and write out a bigger check for the people of Southeast Asia? I think that would be a financial allocation we could all agree on...

and the Christian thing to do.


Prayers For Asia

Rumor has it that the numbers from the Xmas Tsunami may climb as high as 63,000. My God. What has hit Asia is about twenty-one 9/11's, courtesy of Mama Nature. Call it housecleaning. Call it God calling its children home. Call it a tragedy. Let's just call it a year already, cause this one has STUNK.

"Now we’re convinced that we’re destroying the earth with plastic. Talk about ego! Mother Nature’s been here for eons, and we think plastic is going to hurt her?" - George Carlin


Shaun Of The Dead

Forget "28 Days Later." Forget "Dawn Of The Dead - '04". If you're a black-wearin' ghoul like me, you love your zombies and splatter. "Shaun Of The Dead" is well-acted, well-written, absolutely hysterical, occasionally gory ala "Dead Alive" and even touching at times. Believe the hype - this is the best zombie movie in 25 years (and the entrail-removal scene is a perfect homage to Romero's "Day Of The Dead"). Kudos to the Brits across the pond who cooked this one up - It's. Awesome.

Just one complaint... how could Shaun and Ed waste a vinyl copy of Sade's "Diamond Life" in their initial attempt to fend off one of the undead? Now that's tasteless!


I've Been A Bad Blogger...

...so please forgive me. I know Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs is in the web design industry and can operate such a magnificent, far-reaching blog, in part, because he's plugged into a computer all day. However, I still don't know how he finds the time. I'm about as busy as Tupac and Elvis Presley in a Wal-Mart parking lot, sippin' warm Mr. Pibb an' starin' at girl-tush. Still, I'm averaging a paltry post a week.

Maybe it's lethargy. Maybe I'm just sick of the news cycle. It's seems to be the same shit every day, anyhow. More dead American boys in Iraq. More Bush doing his best liberal impersonation. More Kofi gettin' away with it. It's all bullshit. Anyhow, I'll try to be better about posting here. From the looks of it, you'd all like more stories on streakers cuttin' loose in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Streakers. Sounds like a sports franchise.

Peace. Happy Birthday, Lord. And Merry Christmas to all of you out there. God Bless.


Got Bush?

Speaking of El Comandante, anybody seen him lately? Is he in a shelter hiding from the Kerik fallout? I've got zero sympathy. Bernie Kerik was the former head of the NYC Department of Corrections. On that alone, did the Bushies really think his closet would be skeleton-free?

Ever see someone and just get a bad feeling about them? Yeah, I always got that from Bern.


Eyes Without A Face

Click here to read an unbeliveable story (courtesy Drudge). Little Juliana Wetmore was born without a face. She's missing around 40% of her facial bone structure thanks to something called Treacher Collins Syndrome (and with my troubles lately, I thought I had it bad). A savings account has been set up for Juliana, directions at the bottom of the article. Might make a nice gesture to send some cash her way this Christmas, as she's had a ton of surgery already and will require a ton more. Further, her family is Navy and its always great to give a hand to our wonderful servicemen and women when in need. Cheers.


"Chopper, Sick Balls!"

Plan on visiting Minnesota? Don't run around the neighborhood naked. Please.



High-level sources are reporting that a certain "Captain's Protege" is approaching the halfway point in his quest for a Post-graduate degree. Your wit, eye for detail and impressive intellect will slay the institutional intelligentsia as Huns once dispatched unwary Visigoths. Excelsior, brave lad!


And Iran, Iran So Far Away...

Before you sleep tonite, make sure you say a little prayer for the brave youth of Iran. To quote The Who, the kids are alright. None of the Mullah's promises of democratic and human rights reform have come to fruition and much to the dismay of the government, the youth are getting restless. Pity that the MSM and it's assorted newspuppets have a hard time reporting on the near nightly riots and rallies the Iranian students hold in opposition to the repressive religious hardline.

But you know how those savage Arabs are.

For more, visit the link to the SMCCDI to your right.


'Roid Rage

Are two shrunken testicles worth 82 million dollars? This whole steroid deal should come to a surprise to no one. It is just sad how tremendously the sport has been sullied. I think the backlash will be noticeable in terms of MLB's finances.

Boo hoo.


December 1

Today is World AIDS Day, so congratulations to the world for having AIDS, or something...

Anyone know when World Hepatitis Day is?