It IS All About The Oil!!!

Claudia Rosett (a modern-day Upton Sinclair for her watchdog work in the WSJ regarding the Oil-For-Food Program Scam) drops the hammer on Koji Annan. Not only is Uncle Ben neck-deep in fraud, his son is as well.


Everything Is Wrong

Everything is wrong because of you and I. Everything is wrong because of lawyers. Everything is wrong because of a legal system which may correctly persuade rehabilitation through punitive measures, however, does the same in regard to lesser crimes: those of drug and alcohol, which merely require rehabilitation. Keeping a medical and spiritual problem in criminal (sign) jurisdiction is both a windfall and a curse for the government, Sure, local government gets more funding for the greater number of "criminals" they have to maintain (read: pocketmoney). However, the decay and secular regression such writs foster only serve to weaken the nation in entirety.

Everything is wrong because a quick look at something called the Freedom Index says America is only the tenth freest nation on Earth. If only we were so fortunate. Everything is wrong because Chicago is installing 2,000 cameras on its streets. Everything is wrong because Orwell was only off by 20 years. Everything is wrong because we as a species, knowing the damage we can do, refuse to merely have a respect for life and each other's right to think what we think or feel how we feel. Everything is wrong. Everything is wrong because there is no one to blame but ourselves for the crosses we bear. I should know, I'm one of you.

Shout Out Of The Evening

Big-ups to the Manhattan D.A.'s office. You guys are doing a hell of a job. Anytime you want to stop by my home and blow me, feel free.


Ding Dong...

...the witch is dead.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Hell:

Hitler: "So nice to have you with us, Chairman. I'm a big fan of your work. And may I say that's a lovely kaffiyeh you're wearing?"

Arafat: "Thank you, Fuhrer. Pass the sugar and cream, would you. My, it's hot down here. Look at this place. Not a young boy in sight! This truly is hell!"


In Other News...

*Tom Daschle was finally reached for comment after his humiliating defeat at the hands of John Thune. Reporters pressed the defeated Senate Minority Leader (it is delicious to say those words) with a barrage of questions, but Citizen Daschle's only response was the declaration: "I'm Rick James, bitch."

*New T-shirt debuts today, reads: "F*** N.Y. I HEART OHIO"

*Kids For Kerry declares a hunger strike in protest of the election results, refusing to eat their Wheaties.

*Matt Drudge is wondering where Michael Moore is. I'm wondering how you could miss him?

*Reports have emerged that Teresa Heinz Kerry and George Soros are now on their third bottle of Wild Turkey, engaged in a brutal game of Russian Roulette. Mr. Soros' last attempt produced naught but the click of an empty chamber. Disgusted, enraged and menopausal, Mrs. Heinz Kerry demanded a recount and declared that she was flying in a team of lawyers to dispute the results.

*I was offered the first job I applied for, and a higher position than I applied for as well. What a great f***ing 24 hours.

So It Goes

Despite the bemoanings of the MSM and the avalanche of legal challenges the Dems will now pose, President Bush has won re-election. Classless and graceless as always, the Dems refuse to take their political Robitussin and go to bed. Of course, this is their right, but with a nation at war and an uncertain economy, we don't need the 3 weeks of BS they are going to heap on the country. Net GOP gains in Congress, Senate and the ousting of Daschle? I think I have an election.

Well, Massachusetts, at least your beloved Red Sox won. Hopefully, you can find it in your frost-bitten heart to forgive America for telling you to kiss its collective ass tonight.


The Big Picture

In looking at it, we often miss critical minutiae. Like the fact that John Thune is up 4% over Senate Minority Leader and cosmic error Tom Daschle in South Dakota.

Big scare on Drudge: apparently the national exit poll comprised of 6 MSM elements reports Kerry ahead in Florida and Ohio. Oops...forgot to mention that the sample was 60-40 women over men. I don't know which has more weight: Mary Kate Olsen or these bullsh*t exit polls.

The Camera Never Lies

Maintaining An Election

From MTV.com (Remember when they all they did was play videos? Scumbags.):

Kerry: I have a thing called Kids for Kerry, and kids all over the country are wearing Kids for Kerry T-shirts. [There is] a 6-year-old kid in Philadelphia, his name is Winfield. He gave me a Tupperware container with 680 bucks that he raised this summer selling bracelets on the street with a little table. [He] got his 9-year-old brother to make the bracelets. And he gave me 680 bucks.

Holy shit, Winfield. 6 years old and you're already such a proper Democrat. At least he's getting used to giving the government his hard-earned dough at a young age.

One of my best friends is in Ohio doing the "get-out-the-vote" thing for Kerry, and he actually sent out an email requesting all his friends to donate 10$ to sponsor his effort (I declined, choosing instead to use my 10$ on two issues of Fug Juckers Magazine. Funny how Kerry is the richest guy in ALL of U.S. government and people just throw money at him like a Balkan refugee wrapped around a pole at Scores.

This election is a landmark. We can all look back to today as the day we officially lost touch with reality.

Still, I'm more impressed with my old man than any of this nonsense. If what he is doing is to be part of a greater trend, it should be a clear victory for the incumbent. He's voting for the first time in his life, at 53 years of age, straight down the line for the GOP.


Stalk Like An Egyptian

SOHAG, Egypt (AP) - A man angry with fathering no sons stabbed four of his seven daughters to death as they slept and seriously wounded the other three, police said Monday.

Abdel Nasser Ibrahim, 47, a muezzin, or mosque prayer caller, in the Sohag provincial town of Tima, 345 kilometres south of Cairo, repeatedly stabbed his seven sleeping daughters with two knives in a rampage that lasted several minutes, a police official said on condition of anonymity.

Killed were Samar, 15; Isra, 10; Fatima, 8; and Zeinab, 7. The screams of the three wounded daughters alerted neighbours to the pre-dawn crime and they later contacted police.

Any comments from NOW? Code Pink? And the average collegiate American Feminazi thinks SHE has it rough...

1 Day Left

Some thoughts:

*NO ONE is talking about the new Osama video.

Surprise! He lives. It's like a f***ing Jason movie. I'm just waiting for him to show up in one of these grainy VHS' with a naked co-ed in a headlock, machete in hand.

I think the timing is suspicious, I think the contents are suspicious, I think the lack of mention in the MSM, blogland even, is suspicious.


*I can't wait for this election to be over. I never want to see Bruce Springsteen, Ashton Kutcher, John Kerry, John Edwards or Michael Moore again. Can we put these guys in a giant gondola, light it on fire and send it over Niagara Falls?

*I'm guessing Bush will win by 2 or 3%. 275 Electoral.

*This is SUCH an ugly time for America and American politics.

*Thank God for Shannon Tweed.

*Giants are 5-2. And the Pats lost! I suspect Massachusetts suffers another loss Tuesday.

*Kerry is just so humdrum, so boring. Looking like Bud the Chud doesn't help much either. I think Triumph the Comic Dog could've beaten Bush. As my dad said: "It's Bush by a hair." Genius.

*I'm very dissapointed in the politics of many of my personal acquaintances. One actually referred to the
Dems in an e-mail as quote, "the good guys." I just think that anyone who SERIOUSLY thinks that either the Dems or Repubs have their best interests in hand are blissfully ignorant. Personally, I'd rather have a Republican in charge cause I don't like taxes and excessive social welfare. Others I know, care more about visiting Paris or Berlin and being "liked."

*Be forewarned if purchasing Phantagram's new XBox RPG "Kingdom Under Fire." My new disc freezes during missions. When I unwrapped the game, the outer plastic was stuck to the game cover plastic and the cover plastic ripped right off. I know Phantagram's an up-and-coming Korean game maker, but guys...were you high when you put this together? Sad thing is, it's a fun game, when it works...

*See? No one's talking about Osama.