My Meaningless Endorsement

Great interview segments with Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party and Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party on C-Span today. I was highly impressed with Mr. Peroutka (ed. note: I've added a link to the Constitution Party). I would say he is a more polished and effective speaker than Badnarik. However, the LP has ballot access in 48 states(!) and though Mr. Peroutka is available only as a write-in here in NY, I feel the looming specter of the largest (and growing) third party will do more to strike fear into the dark hearts of the the duopoly. Further, I don't think America is ready for the more morally restrictive Constitution Party, although I do agree with many of their points.

I will be voting for Mr. Badnarik and if you live in a "non-battleground" state, please strongly consider doing the same.


We Did It!

To hell with bin Laden. Here's a Fox News update on little Tabby from Abu Ghraib, the 11-month old suffering from hemangiomas:

An Iraqi dad has risked everything to save his 11-month-old daughter's life, first traveling to Baghdad's infamous Abu Ghraib prison (search) to plead for help, then winding up in the United States for his baby's medical care.

The little girl, Tabby, was in surgery Friday in Charleston to remove life-threatening blood tumors called hemangiomas (search), which have caused her face to be excessively swollen and deformed.

Thanks if you donated to Op Give to help make this happen. God Bless America!


It's A Plot!

It is. Boston wins, subconciously motivating America to vote for the Bostonian underdog Kerry! The fix is in! This is bullshit!



Re: Arafat Dying?

I've got it on good word from high-level media sources that Arafat is on his deathbed, seized by both the shock of the hated Boston Red Sox winning the World Series and his favorite team, the New York Yankees, folding like Fredo f***ing Corleone in Godfather II.

Total Eclipse

Well, it looks like The Curse is about to come to quite an inglorious end. If you're a Yankee fan, that is. Then there's the fact that the we're witnessing the first total eclipse of the moon to take place during a World Series game, which makes it even creepier. I feel very conflicted. Part of me says to start building a bomb shelter in anticpation of Apocalypse, another part of me is waiting for my anus to spontaneously hemorrage. Hey, enjoy it Boston fans. Tonight, many of you will have the best sex of your lives. Legions of chowderheads will be conceived; we'll probably bear witness to an entire generation of guys with names like Pedro O'Donnell. And though the celebration is certain to be marred by some unfortunate deaths, 86 years is a long time coming.

Yes. Enjoy it. Take it from a Yankee fan. You can't win forever. And once the losing starts, it just ain't as fun as it was. Payback's a bitch. Like we got ours...

...you'll get yours.


If you are reading this and you are a Mac user with insight into the drum sampler Battery, created by Native Instruments, please leave an email address if you can. I have some questions about the program.


Jim Norton

The funniest comedian you probably haven't heard of yet. Every time I hear one of his routines on streaming radio, I have to clutch my genitals to keep from leaking urine all over myself. I've linked to his blog under culture/counter-culture. Visit if you dare.

This Gun's For Hire

I went on Monster.com to look for a job.

Under key words, I type "assassin."


Damn you, 6% unemployment rate! Surely there is someone who needs to be killed!



First, Castro falls. Then, Arafat becomes gravely ill. Now, Ashlee Simpson is busted lip-synching on SNL. Rough days for the envoys of Satan.


One Prediction I Got Right

From AP Wire:

BOSTON: A college student died Thursday after suffering a head injury in a clash between police officers and a crowd of Red Sox fans who poured into the streets outside Fenway Park to celebrate their team's victory over the New York Yankees.

Victoria Snelgrove, a 21-year-old journalism major at Emerson College, was among 16 people hurt in the revelry. The injured also included a police officer. Most of the injuries were minor, but Snelgrove suffered a severe head wound as police tried to subdue the crowd, authorities said. Mayor Tom Menino told WBZ-AM that she was struck by a "non-lethal weapon," but he did not elaborate. David Procopio, a spokesman for the district attorney, said the office is investigating whether the student's injuries "were sustained in any way during crowd control measures." Eight arrests were reported during the Boston celebration. The crowd set several small fires and numerous fights broke out, police said.

Elsewhere, 29 people were arrested at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst after revelers threw beer cans and flaming toilet paper at police. And at the university's Dartmouth campus, about 2,000 people had to be dispersed by police using stun grenades. In New Hampshire, police made about 15 disorderly-conduct arrests as crowds swarmed the campus of Plymouth State University and surrounding neighborhoods.

I wish somebody asked Mayor Menino WTF a NON-LETHAL WEAPON is. She DIED, didn't she? Sounds pretty damned lethal to me. Very classy, Boston. Hopefully you guys win the whole thing and wipe the whole city out altogether.

Aftermath (A Post Not Suitable For Family Viewing)

Some more thoughts from here in the bowels of sports hell:
*Well, it's been a rough week. Who knows what lurks for the Yankees next season. I can't even imagine Alex Rodriguez in a Yankee uniform again. The guy came up empty when it counted, as did most of the team. But you can't be the highest paid prostitute player in baseball, be up 3-0 in a League Championship and lose the last two games at home. No. You have to go at least 7 for 8 in those last two games. Far as the whole team, heads need to roll here. Please understand: they were up 3-0...and blew it. They gagged on the bone like Traci Lords in her first movie.

Personally, I think the Yankees should take this for what it is. They are now the AL version of the 2000 Atlanta Braves. Pare down some of this payroll a bit and clean house. Let's get some young arms and bats in here. I'd like to see Torre put out to pasture. Yeah, I know. I'm an ingrate. Well, guess what. We haven't won the title in 4 years now. How about some fresh blood? Willie Randolph, maybe? Or can a black man not coach the Yankees?

*Right now, Steinbrenner is bare naked on the floor of his bathroom crushing broken glass with his bare hands. Can't say I blame him.

*As for that Curse. I'll declare it over if the Red Sox win the Series. If.

*At least I don't have to listen to McCarver and Buck on Fox anymore. Could they have found two LESS appealing characters to do play by play? I would have rather had Himmler and Goebels announcing the game than those two douchechills.

*Is it inappropriate for me to pray that Curt Schilling is caught with kiddie porn? Oh, I'm just kidding. Hopefully his foot will grow gangrenous instead. And what's this shit about him calling out A-Rod for that pansy swipe he took at Arroyo's glove in Game 6? Yeah, it was about as macho as a RuPaul appearance on the Rosie O'Donnell Show, but....isn't his Catcher, Jason Varitek, the same guy who kept his mask ON when he started that fight with A-Rod (by the way, THAT'S the play that won Game 7 last night)? That was the most p**sy move I've seen since the Alpha Betas burned down the Lambda house in "Revenge Of The Nerds."

*HOW THE F*** did Torre get outcoached by Terry Francona, a guy who makes Paul Schaffer look straight?

*Do I still have time to run out and buy a Cardinals hat?

*Wouldn't it be great if Johnny Damon made a leaping catch, but his hair got caught on a fan's zipper or some other ludicrous object?

*The only thing more unbelievable than the fact that Red Sox fans COULD be any more obnoxious, is that now, they WILL be more obnoxious.

*I must confess. If the Sox lose the Series, once the final out is recorded, I will take a dump on my front lawn out of sheer joy.

*FYI: First game of next season's Yankee schedule has been announced. Take one guess who we're playing.

*There's nothing else I can say. Oh, yeah there is. Massachusetts - the state that gave us the Kennedys, John Kerry and the Boston Red Sox...


Humpty Dumpty Goes To Havana

From Fox News:

HAVANA — President Fidel Castro (search) fell as he left the stage after a televised speech Wednesday night, but he quickly recovered his composure and assured Cubans he was "all in one piece."

Castro, 78, was shown on live television after his tumble, sitting in a chair at the outdoor event in the central city of Santa Clara. He joked into the microphone that "maybe I broke my knee ... but I am all in one piece."

On behalf of the thinking people of the free world, I'd like to say in response to Mr. Castro's fall:



ALCS Game 7 Diary

8:30 PM:
A few notes-
*First off, Happy Birthday Mickey Mantle! We love you still.
*What a game between Houston & St. Louis. The Astros had to rely on the impressive arm of closer Brad Lidge for far too long. I think the Cards managed to wear them down just enough that they might have bought themselves Game 7, too.
*Could you imagine Joe Buck hitting on a black girl? Try it. It's impossible. He is whiter than the kid from Powder. Not that there's anything wrong with being white, quite the contrary. It's just that this guy's idea of "game" is probably "Stratego."
*Thankfully, we're ready to play. WTF took so long? I was starting to wonder if I would be a colostomy bag saddled grandfather before Brownie threw the first pitch.

8:35 P.M.
Well, everything, according to Charley Steiner, is "...breaking right for Boston." That's why you know it won't last. See, if Boston wins, I expect Jesus to descend from the heavens later tonight, seated on a cloud with two gorgeous Asian twins on either side of him, one of them holding a winning lottery ticket in an envelope with my Confirmation name on it.

8:40 P.M.
After the unbelivable relay throw out by Matsui & Jeter, Brown throws a warm wet turd at David Ortiz. This guy could show up with Bin Laden's head on a pike, I still wouldn't call him Papi. My old man is throwing a shit fit. Somehow, I've seen this movie before.

8:54 P.M.
It's not that Lowe looks good, it's that the Yankees look totally out of sorts. Things look as bad as I've ever seen them right now. How the hell will Brown pitch in a World Series if this is the crap he's throwing in Game 7? Top of the batting order looks utterly lost. I hear lots of Sox fans in the crowd, too. Still, I've got plenty of hope. It's early.

9:00 P.M.
Torre needs to pull Kevin Brown NOW.

9:22 P.M.
Blogger was down for maintenance, just in time for me to miss out on an expletive-laced tirade at the heretofore useless Javier Vasquez. First pitch Grand Salami for Head Idiot Johnny Damon. Suddenly, my rectum hurts. Still, it's early and these are the Red Sox.

9:24 P.M.
Sure sign of a rough night at my house. I asked my old man if we've even gotten a hit yet and he replied: "NO MAN, WE AIN'T GOT SHIT!" Glad I'm not asking if the mortgage is due.

9:30 P.M.
I can just hear them up in the Boss' suite at the Stadium right now: "Mr. Steinbrenner, your respirator is ready."

9:45 P.M.
Finally. A run.

9:54 P.M.
My prediction is now shit. Seemingly, much like the Yankee season. Hopefully, we have seen the last of Kevin Brown and Javier Vasquez in Yankee uniforms. Their performances have been utterly disgraceful.

10:10 P.M.
After witnessing 9/11 firsthand, I put nothing out of the realm of possibility. But this is tough. No, things look real, real bad. I've just been diagnosed with excessive disbelief. I'm going to lapse into a brief coma now.

10:34 P.M.
I'm about ready to concede this one. Let me say congrats to the Sox. I've run into plenty of Sox fans, not one of whom has EVER been as diplomatic. You might have won tonite, but remember, it's not the title. You'll still have St. Louis or Houston to get by before you can start talking the shit we all know you will. Regardless, nothing will change the fact that Boston and her hometown Red Sox will always suck their dead great-grandmother's dick. Try not to get too many people killed when you drunken rapist frat-boy queens start rioting tonight. Gosh. I feel better already.

Apocalypse Now

My Prediction:

Yankees 8, Boston 7 in 13 innings

Look for Mo and Matsui to have big moments. This is an Apocalyptic game for both franchises and to be honest, I already feel defeat breathing down my neck. Still, I base this opinion not on gut feeling, but on history. This loss would greatly soil the Yankees rep. They had the Sox beat, yet Boston is now the first team in baseball to come back from 3-0 down to force a 7th game; they can become the first ever to win that 7th game. Boston has marched impressively down the field here and they are now currently favored to win by most accounts. However, as Mike Patton once sang: "History tells us that you are."

I'm going to read it this way. Nothing comes without a price. The price for Yankees fans is these gut-wrenching 7 game series. But as in the past, Boston will lose again by some unfortunate happenstance. I believe The Curse cuts both ways. It drags fans of both teams through the gutter, but always manages to leave Boston in it. Remember that the case last year is the same this year for Boston: they forced a game 7 while coming to NY for the last two games of a 7 game ALCS down 3-2. They lost. As they will tonight. It's why I said it would go 7 the whole time: Boston has to be given as much hope as possible so it hurts like hell on the way down.

Go Yankees
Grazie Bambino


Not Looking Good

Boston 4, Yankees 2

The game is still on as of my posting this, but I'm going to assume this is the final score. Deplorable. Rodriguez, Sheffield and Matsui have picked a fine time to disappear. Now, as I predicted, this series is going 7. Still...

...they won't reverse The Curse.

Edwards Gone Wild

The funniest thing you've ever seen in your life, courtesy Slate & LGF. This is as bad as Kerry in the NASA/Teletubby outfit if it gets enough play.


Defiance County Justice

Twisting the Knife Deeper

Boston 5, Yankees 4

This series is coming down to exactly what it did last time.

Home. Field. Advantage.

I said this series would go 7, so I'm not shocked at the turn of events which has it at 3-2 Yankees. However, Boston's good fortune has come due to the fact that they have had last at bats. Of course, the Yankee bats going quiet at inopportune times, good relief pitching and the timely late-inning hitting of David Ortiz has contributed mightily to their upsurge. But now the Sox have a real dilemma: a date tomorrow night at Yankee Stadium, where they won't get last dibs.

Tell daddy we'll have you home by midnight.

"There Goes The Idiots..."

- verbatim quote from Rhodes Scholar and Boston Red Sox CF Johnny Damon, while celebrating the Red Sox ALDS sweep against Anaheim.

Boston 6, Yankees 4

Disgusting. Great night for Jeter and Cairo to put on the asshat.

Hey, what can you do. They are human and err like the rest of us. I'm with 'em for every moment.

Tell you what. Now that Boston has won a game, I expect this to go 7 with the Yankees winning one like this at home. Enjoy it, Boston. Your emotional enema will be arriving shortly.


By The Time I Get To Abu Ghraib

Next time somebody bitches about the American military's egregious human rights violations in Iraq, direct them to this article because much worse happens in the US and nobody seems to give a damn. Especially the MSM.

Told Ya So

Prayer For The Evening

Lord, I apologize for calling Dan Shanoff a dick. I take it back. It's the Christian thing to do.


The Massachusetts Mediaverse

I'm watching the Yankees/Sox game tonight on Fox and I can't help but notice how Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, for the benefit of the anti-Yankee national audience I presume, seem to make almost every pronouncement and/or judgment call in favor of Boston. I'm analyzing this in my mind and I can't help but notice how biased the coverage is, much like the MSM's election coverage. Apparently, like art, sports imitates life.

The Sox are unconventional and unshaven. They are the underdog/everyman/milquetoast of professional athletics, compared to the conservative, clean-cut, upper-class Yankees. Now take the election into consideration. We have a disorderly incumbent, who speaks his drawl-ridden rhetoric through a mouth filled with marbles, pitted against the suave, nuanced, jet-setting Senator. If politics were baseball, we'd be cheering on Bush like there was no tomorrow. Instead, an America which already lives in the shadow of Massachusetts (Kennedy much?) seems to be casting it's lot with John Kerry, another New Englander who, much like those Sox, looks like he's going to get just close enough to the grail to watch it slip away.

The Yankees are redundant champions. In the eyes of most, they can buy their victories by virtue of the unjust warfare they conduct on the field. Many would say the same of George Bush. Funny how those cast in the light of tarnished American glory still seem to be winning.


Pandora's Box

Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards on the tragic death of his son in a traffic accident. From USA Today:

"Edwards refuses to say how or if his son's death is related to his political career. "That's personal and private to me, and I don't want to talk about it," Edwards says."

Maybe Dick Cheney felt the same way about you bringing up his gay daughter, Senator.

I'm not comparing the Edwards' tragedy to the Cheneys' situation. I'm pointing out that certain things happen in families, public and private, that should not be brought for public consumption unless by the family members themselves. A presidential debate is hardly the appropriate place to open a personal Pandora's Box. Besides, Dick Cheney's daughter likes girls. And? This effects defense spending how? Kamp Kerry's lame-brained attempt to secure the homosexual vote (um, apparently Joe Lockhart forgot to notify Kerry that he already did lock up the homosexual vote) came off as tactless and bullying. Maybe Kerry got that shrapnel in Vietnam by shooting himself in the foot.


Pedro's Dad Found...

...and he lives in The Bronx.

Yankees 3, Boston 1

It's not over yet. I don't ever count out the Sox. But things are looking up. Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer ever. There's no argument. The guy is sick. It would be nice to face a healthy Schilling, but the guy had it coming. After all, we know he went to Boston cause he thinks he's bigger than The Curse.

However, Curt Schilling isn't big enough to hold The Babe's jock. He's an awesome pitcher, Hall-Of-Fame caliber certainly. But it's easier to shut up 55,000 New Yorkers than it is to silence over 80 years of ineptitude.

Here's a fun quote from this morning, registered by ESPN's "Daily Quickie" resident thought mongoloid Dan Shanoff:

"Pedro may or may not have been playing mind games with everyone with the "daddy" talk, but the only people who fear Game 2 NY starter Jon Lieber are Yankees fans themselves. After Game 1, can we handle more offense? Because it's coming.

Maybe in Game 3. As for tonight, wrong again, Mr. Quickie. Jon Lieber is an inning-eating former All-Star. He performed marvelously tonight, both quieting Red Sox Nation and proving a point I've made before: Dan Shanoff is a stupid dick.

All in all, a good night.


A Bronx Tale

Yankees 10, Boston 7

The Boston Red Sox have a warm place in the cochles of my heart, right next to the Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade. They may be the scrappiest team I'm ever seen. They just won't go away. Hence, my lack of excitement, even into the 7th, as Moose flirted with a no-no. There are only two occasions when one can breathe easily regarding the Sox: when the game is over and when the season is over. 1 down, 3 to go. And much love for Mo. In the face of tragedy, he's a gladiator with a glove.

Gutless At The Telegraph

Mark Steyn's new column for the UK's Telegraph gets lopped off like the head of a Halliburton mercenary interloper. It's a rough read. But the truth hurts.


R.I.P. Christopher Reeve

You were a great Superman. Now you are on a fantastic journey we all must one day face. God Bless.


Reuters At It Again...

Nah, no media bias. Regarding British hostage Paul Bigley, recently beheaded by some of those misunderstood "militants", someone named Alistair Lyon writes:

"One of Bigley's brothers praised the government's efforts but another, Paul Bigley, urged Blair to end the war in Iraq, and said: "Mr Blair has blood on his hands."

So did the Bigley brother who "praised the government's efforts" have any comments? That's not critical to our boy Alistair. Just remember: "Mr. Blair has blood on his hands."

Another WTF Moment

***Drudge Exclusive***

This is the link to the whole thing. It's wild.

Portion of Sean Penn's memo to Trey Parker & Matt Stone:

"It's all well to joke about me or whomever you choose. Not so well, to encourage irresponsibility that will ultimately lead to the disembowelment, mutilation, exploitation, and death of innocent people throughout the world. The vote matters to them. No one's ignorance, indcluding (ed. note: rage typo?) a couple of hip cross-dressers, is an excuse.

All best, and a sincere fuck you,
Sean Penn

P.S. Take this as a personal invitation from me to you (you can ask Dennis Miller along for the ride as well) to escort you on a trip, which I took last Christmas. We'll fly to Amman, Jordan and I'll ride with you in a (?) 12 hours through the Sunni Triangle into Fallujah and Baghdad and I'll show you around. When we return, make all the fun you want.

So by that rationale, Mel Brooks is an asshole for making fun of Hitler in "The Producers." So is Woody Allen for satirizing South America's political crises in "Bananas."

To Sean Penn:

You're workin' up a lather over:

1.) A movie made with puppets.

2.) An expression of Free Speech.

America was offered Michael Moore's crap; now Hollywood is being offered Cartman's.

You were awesome as Jeff Spicoli,
the editor


Unfair. Imbalanced.

Lookie, lookie here:

Drudge is posting an ABC News internal memo he obtained. Here is a critical portion:

"The New York Times (Nagourney/Stevenson) and Howard Fineman on the web both make the same point today: the current Bush attacks on Kerry involve distortions and taking things out of context in a way that goes beyond what Kerry has done.

Kerry distorts, takes out of context, and mistakes all the time, but these are not central to his efforts to win.
We have a responsibility to hold both sides accountable to the public interest, but that doesn't mean we reflexively and artificially hold both sides "equally" accountable when the facts don't warrant that."

The memo was written by ABC News director Mark Halperin and sent out to his news staff. It clearly states a PRO-KERRY BIAS and proves COLLUSION. Combined with the CBS Rathergate memo, it is a stunning indictment of the leftist leaning of the MSM.

!t's not 2004. It's 1984. What Orwell warned us of is coming to pass.

We Don't Need No Education...

Bruce Thornton writes at Victor Davis Hansons' private papers, in regards to the extreme leftist ideology rampant in so many U.S. universities:

"This numbing orthodoxy partly results from old-line Marxist received wisdom that, despite being repudiated by history, lives on in the groves of academe like some wood-boring beetle..."Last time I checked," Shapiro (Ben, author of "Brainwashed") responds, non-market systems "had starved twenty million people in the USSR, thirty million people in China, and millions more throughout the world." This disconnect between ideological bromides and the simple facts of history, evident in the presumed bastions of critical thinking and factual accuracy, should disturb us all. As Shapiro sums it up, "Marxism is dying globally. But it's alive and kicking at America's universities."

Read the whole thing. It's frightening.

it's enough to make you SICKER...

You are a buffoon if you do not read this piece by Claudia Rosett. She has been all over the Oil-For-Food Scandal at the U.N. from the beginning. It's a must-read.

The news tonight has not been good. Not good at all...

it's enough to make you sick.

For a sick Matt Drudge link, click this sentence.

It's starting, people. Remember that you have the power of the vote, as well as the ability to demand accountability from your Representatives.


Neil Of Fortune

7:30 EST, Thursday, October 7th, on (spit) CBS (spit).

The Mook-Master 2000 makes his nationally televised debut on the Wheel Of Fortune. Here's a toast to you, in hopes that you won a motor home or a nice trip for you and Melly to Pismo Beach.

UPDATE: Not Pismo Beach, but a week in Aruba. Yup. You represented.

Congrats and God Bless.

Rant: Land Of The Rising Suns

The popularity of the "Kill Bill" films has directed a curious and hungry American public to the Far East. Without question, we are coming under the influence of Asian cinema and this can only be a good thing. Hollywood is far too greedy and politicized. What we have today is an openly elitist, leftist and mouthy upper caste of actors, rolling in millions given to them by tasteless legions flocking to catch the latest Reese Witherspoon merde.

Meanwhile in Japan, they are taking chances. I have yet to see a recent Japanese film which cannot be described as daring and unconventional. "The Ring", originally made in Japan, then remade in Korea, was given a third, Western treatment by director Gore Verbinski. It was an enormous success which helped cement the career of actress Naomi Watts. Takashi Shimizu's "Ju:On" has been remade under his direction for Western consumption. Titled "The Grudge," it stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and I'm hopeful that even she won't be able to ruin it.

Yes, I'm turning into a total film snob and I'm also being too hard on the industry. IMHO, We have our modern ingenues: Todd Solondz, P.T. Anderson, Tarantino, Hal Hartley (Sorry kids, Michael Moore doesn't count. Until he makes a film that's daring enough to expose the Democrats as well, he's just an obese, male Leni Riefenstahl). But otherwise, there's a serious lack of creativity in US film. The release of a sequel to "Charlie's Angels" is proof of that. Surely we can do better. And though it may be in the name of the almighty dollar, I think a new era is approaching in Western cinema, one with a decidely Asian influence.

I recently saw the most disgusting, offensive, disturbing, hysterical and honest film I have ever seen. It's not terribly appealing and almost the entirely film is completely graphic in content. It's called "Visitor Q" and is directed by Takashi Miike. The film is a commentary on Japanese society as told through a very extreme reality show. Having also recently seen Miike's "Audition", IMHO, no one is pushing the boundaries of filmmaking quite like Takashi Miike, save for his French contemporary, Gaspar Noe. That said, when is the last time an American film disgusted you, offended you, yet made you laugh as you were absorbed by it's unfortunate, pathetic realism? Pay attention to Takashi Miike. He is the future.

For starters, here's a link to a great interview with another Japanese director the West is to soon be acquainted with, Ryuhei Kitamura. If you haven't seen any of his work, I highly recommend "Versus" and "Azumi." Kitamura is directing the final, yes, final, Godzilla film. They're killing off the big boy, once and for all. Sources tell me he'll meet his end in an epic battle with Madeleine Albright's brasierre. Godzilla is a mammoth enterprise in Japan and the fact that Kitamura was chosen to direct the last installation tells you alot. He says that upon finishing the film, he will be moving to America as he wants a new challenge. On that statement alone, US cinema is already better off.

If you want to see a great website which discusses Japanese cinema, check out the website "Midnight Eye" in my "culture/counter-culture" links.

Naked Pigs Pinkies

From the Weekly Standard:

"Following up on his interview with the Bushes, Dr. Phil today rolled the film on his interview with John Kerry and Teresa Heinz. One could hear the congestion in the senator's voice as he was apparently suffering from a cold during the taping. Dr. Phil was again accompanied by his wife Robin, who contributed questions as the foursome talked of co-parenting, blended families, divorce, and the candidate's childhood.

The most surprising moment came early on, though it had been teased in the opening: Teresa Heinz, not for the first time in public, made reference to miscarriages she suffered during her marriage to Senator John Heinz. "I call them piggies," she said, meaning the fetuses that did not make it to term.

Unsettling as that topic was, Dr. Phil and his wife politely kept the conversation moving. Unlike his mentor Oprah, Dr. Phil is not a master of the spontaneous moment. It is a failing also of the edited, taped set-up, in comparison with the live interviews Oprah did with Bush and Al Gore in 2000, that one had almost no sense of exactly how long the discomfort lingered."

No one with a respect for human life would call their past miscarried children "piggies." Still, not suprising for the same woman who, while visiting a hurricane relief center, remarked that too many resources were being used to send clothing instead of food or water. And I quote: "Clothing is wonderful, but let them go naked for a while, at least the kids."

Anybody but Bush? Be careful what you wish for.

UPDATE: Apparently, the comment was misreported. Drudge posts that she said her miscarried fetuses were her "pinkies." It still sounds gross.

Behold The Peanut Farmer, Vol. 2

Brooklyn Federal Judge and all-around class act Charles Sifton outed an undercover NYPD officer by forcing her to testify in court under her real name. From the NY Daily News:

"...Sifton, a former federal prosecutor appointed by President Jimmy Carter in 1977, was unmoved. He said he checked the NYPD Web site and found 10 precincts in Brooklyn North.

'The ability of the undercover to operate in one project does not deprive her of her remarkable skill to be effective in any of the many other housing projects within the other precincts,' he said."

Say what you like about the neocons. If there's a fair bone in your body, you'll also admit that over the past 80 years, American Liberalism has morphed into neo-Socialism. What Ronald Reagan feared was real, is real and is perpetuated by the ever-looming spectre of the Daschles, Kerrys, Clintons, etc. The godfather of this abortion is none other than Castro's peanut farming confidant, Jimmy Carter. Everything the man touches turns to shit. He is quite literally, walking evil. He is a virus, replicating in the form of fraudulence, terrorism, anti-semitism, one-worldism and Marxism. The Earth is a better place without him.

I will not vote for John Kerry, as to do so would be to provide another pint of blood for vampires like James Carter and his ilk.


Another Yankee Classic

Yankees 7, Minnesota 6:

Here I was, thinking we were finished at the hands of the Twinnesota Fraternals (hat tip: Timmer). Oh, me of little faith. Leave it to Ron Gardenhire to do a fantastic impersonation of Terry Francona impersonating Grady Little. Joe Nathan was carving his name into postseason lore tonight. His confidence has got to take a huge hit after this. No doubt this series goes 5 games.

Funny thing is, right after Jeter crossed home in the bottom of the 12th, I swear I heard New England sigh...


Wiser words may never have been spoken. Joseph Farah, editor of WorldNetDaily.com, drops the knowledge:

"...incrementalism is slowly taking this nation down the same path as the former Soviet Union. It's time to reverse directions. It's time for a U-turn. It's time to get back on the freedom road. We're supposed to be a self-governing people. The reality is we have no say over many of the rules and regulations under which we are forced to live – rules and regulations that have real impact on our finances and our freedoms.

Guess what? That's not going to change because we elect George Bush or John Kerry next month. Because the perpetual government pays no mind to whom we elect.

It's time to return to the Constitution and uniquely American principles of limited government.

That's all there is to it. Plain and simple. Incorporate it into your prayer, chant, sura, whatever.


"When You're A Jet" - A History Of John Kerry, Vol. 1

Before you cast your vote for John Forbes Kerry, there are a couple of things you should know. Open your arms and minds to my racist, republican propaganda for a few moments (the following quotes are taken from C-Span's website. I would advise you to visit and read Mr. Kerry's testimony for yourself.):

In 1971, John Kerry testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, mostly in regards to atrocities committed by American soldiers in Viet Nam. The Testimony was presided over by Senator William Fulbright (Democrat, creator of the Fulbright scholarship and staunch segregationist who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964). After questioning John Kerry, Senator Claiborne Pell (Democrat, after whom the Pell Grant is named) remarked: "As the witness knows, I have a very high personal regard for him and hope before his life ends he will be a colleague of ours in this body."

So, from Senator Pell's comment, one could gather that a place at the table was already being prepared for John Kerry. Let us not forget that Mr. Kerry's tour of duty lasted four months, as his third Purple Heart enabled him to return home early. Let us also not forget that it is Senator Kerry who has garnered more citations in a shorter span of time than any other American soldier. Apparently, his experiences taught him that the best way to send soldiers into war is with baskets filled with daisies, and for battles to be fought in a manner recalling the Jets and Sharks from "West Side Story", joyous frivolity resulting in maybe, one casualty, as the troops Bob Fosse their way to victory. Further, be warned, the responsibility for the barbarity of war lies solely with you, consumer:

"My feeling, Senator, on Lieutenant Calley is what he did (the My Lai Massacre, aka Abu Ghraib, Sr.) quite obviously was a horrible, horrible, horrible thing and I have no bone to pick with the fact that he was prosecuted. But I think that in this question you have to separate guilt from responsibility, and I think clearly the responsibility for what has happened there lies elsewhere.

I think it lies with the men who designed free fire zones. I think it lies with the men who encourage body counts. I think it lies in large part with this country, which allows a young child before he reaches the age of 14 to see 12,500 deaths on television, which glorifies the John Wayne syndrome, which puts out fighting man comic books on the stands, which allows us in training to do calisthenics to four counts, on the fourth count of which we stand up and shout "kill" in unison, which has posters in barracks in this country with a crucified Vietnamese, blood on him, and underneath it says "kill the gook," and I think that clearly the responsibility for all of this is what has produced this horrible aberration."

John Kerry also seemed to feel that Communism was no longer a threat to America, although we barely emerged unscathed from the Cuban Missle Crisis less than ten years earlier:

"I think it is ridiculous to assume we have to play this power game based on total warfare. I think there will be guerilla wars and I think we must have a capability to fight those. And we may have to fight them somewhere based on legitimate threats and that is what I would say to this question of world peace. I think it is bogus, totally artificial. There is no threat. The Communists are not about to take over our McDonald hamburger stands. (Laughter)

And he would know. After all, John Kerry met with Viet Cong officials in violation of something called U.S. Code 18 U.S.C. 953, which states that it is illegal for a U.S. citizen to venture abroad and negotiate with foreign powers. Quoting Linda Chavez: "Under questioning from the Committee, Kerry referred to the democratically-elected government of South Vietnam — our allies — as a "dictatorial regime, the Thieu-Ky-Khiem regime," while respectfully calling the North Vietnamese communist regime we were fighting by its oxymoronic official name, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and the murderous Viet Cong's political arm by their preferred "Provisional Revolutionary Government."

And Senator Kerry's communist Vietnamese counterparts undoubtedly have fond memories of him as well.

Stay tuned for Vol. 2, which will provide a glimpse into the younger days of the junior Senator from Massachusetts and candidate for Chairman President, of these soon to be defunct United States of America.


The $50,000 Yugo

America is finished.

The fact that some polls are showing that Bush has only a 5% lead and others are showing a dead heat, are conclusive enough proof that this country is finished.

The well-meaning people of the United States have no concept of their rights. No concept of the importance of the Constitution. Most are more concerned with their phone bills than their Bill Of Rights. John Kerry spouted alot of nuanced, doctored bullshit the other night. He's essentially a well-dressed, well-spoken used car salesman and America's ready to take him up on a brand new, 2-door, $50,000 Yugo.

Again, I'm no fan of Bush. But for God's sake, John Kerry has already stated he would like to assist Iran with it's "nuclear fuel processing" program, for peaceful purposes of course. John Kerry has stated he will subject American soldiers to international tribunals. John Kerry would like to take YOUR ability to choose a health care provider and put it, with all else, in the hands of government, at your expense. This is Socialism. God willing, it will not stand.

But if we get it, we deserve it. For our silence, our weakness, our political correctness, pathetic self-guilt and pack mentality. I tell you without hesitation, I am very afraid for my country.


Response To A Visitor

"Uncle Dave, you stated, "I will begrudgingly root for Bush and cast my ballot for Mr. Badnarik." I understand your frustrations with President Bush, but be assured that your vote for Mr. Badnarik, understandably in protest, is no less a vote in absentia for John Kerry. I believe this election will be closer than many others believe and I ask you to reconsider your vote and put forth your support to reelect President Bush. Perhaps starting at a local level with support for Libertarians would get the ball rolling to the point that a Libertarian candidate would prove to be a viable option in a national election. However, this is not the election to try and make a statement in this way to show your disapproval of President Bush. (Unless, of course, you were supporting Nader in lieu of voting for Kerry.) There is simply too much at stake. Again, I ask you and friends of yours who are likeminded to reconsider your so very important vote this November."

Warmest Regards,


My response, in three points:

1.) While I agree that this election is far too important, please understand that I live in NY. The prospect of George Bush winning my state is zero to none. If I lived in a state where there was a remote chance of a Bush victory, I would strongly consider voting for him. Alas, I do not.

2.) As stated by a variety of pundits and politicians, how serious can George Bush be about fighting this war on terror when he has yet to deal with the open wound that is the Mexican border? I am of Hispanic descent. It would be a lie to say that Arabs can't be mistaken for Hispanics and Latinos and vice versa. I've been asked if I was Turkish on more than one occassion. Aside from the millions of illegals already here, there are far too many still entering the country at MY expense, and YOURS. Are they here for a better life? For work? For terror? Short answer is, it doesn't matter. For the political, cultural and physical safety of America, that border should be guarded lock and key! But it is not, which is why it is so difficult for me to vote Republican OR Democrat. Neither party wants to address the issue. Apparently, their friends and donors use the money they save hiring cheap illegal labor to keep the system as is. AMERICA IS ON LIFE SUPPORT AS LONG AS THIS INJUSTICE STANDS.

3.) As you know, we are in a war for civilization; a war with no end in sight. America is unwilling to take a proper course of action. While I'm not advocating nuclear war, I do advocate a much less PC approach than this Iraq nonsense, one we should have taken from the outset. I do not totally concur with the Libertarian Party Iine and I highly doubt that Mr. Badnarik, as Commander-In-Chief, would take the more heavy-handed approach I believe is necessary in much of the Middle East. However, he has ballot access in about ten more states than that egregious phony Ralph Nader. If now is not the proper time to attempt to convey the message to the Republican Party that it needs to stop being the Democratic Party of the 1970's, when will be the right time? People need to start using their VOTE to scare the two-party duopoly into representing them again.

Thanks for visiting and posting, Medic. I hope you'll continue to.

Highly Inappropriate

Off the AP Wire:
Brokaw blasted what he called an attempt to "demonize" CBS and Rather on the Internet, where complaints about the report first surfaced. He said the criticism "goes well beyond any factual information."

"What I think is highly inappropriate is what going on across the Internet, a kind of political jihad ... that is quite outrageous," the NBC anchor said at a panel on which all three men spoke.

For Brokaw to compare the Blogger Revolution to "jihad" is beyond the pale. Consider the vile tactics of the jihadis, as well as the MSM's failure to report most of it. I consider THAT highly inappropriate, not to mention the lack of scrutiny CBS put into a report which could have turned the face of an election. These "newsmen" are beginning to find they are past their prime and that the days of the Nightly News monopoly are numbered. I suggest they invest some of their millions in adult diapers. It seems the rapid approach of a brave, new world is causing them to soil themselves.

Return Of The King

Big shout to Felix "Tito" Trinidad, who knocked out Ricardo Mayorga in the eighth round of their fight at Madison Square Garden. Point of pride for all Puerto Ricans and Nuyoricans alike. Tito's the real deal, too. Do you know anybody who bought the FDNY a brand new fire engine after 9/11?

I eagerly await the inevitable rematch between Tito and Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins. finally, a match worth paying to see. Mark my words: that fight will be Off. The. Chain.

Fair & Balanced

It's OK, Carl. I laughed.

Off the AP Wire:
Fox News apologized Friday for posting phony quotes from Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on its Web site. Carl Cameron, a Fox reporter who covers the Kerry campaign, wrote an item that looked like a news story with made-up Kerry quotes, said Paul Schur, a Fox spokesman. The item was not intended to be posted on the site. "Carl made a stupid mistake which he regrets," Schur said Friday night. "And he has been reprimanded for his lapse in judgment. It was a poor attempt at humor."

The phony item posted early Friday read in part:

'"Didn't my nails and cuticles look great? What a good debate!' Kerry said Friday.

'"It's about the Supreme Court. Women should like me! I do manicures,' Kerry said."

The item also quoted Kerry as saying of himself and President Bush: "I'm metrosexual — he's a cowboy."

After withdrawing the item, Fox posted a statement on its Web site apologizing for the error. It said: "The item was based on a reporter's partial script that had been written in jest and should not have been posted or broadcast. We regret the error, which occurred because of fatigue and bad judgment, not malice."

Next time you want to paint Fox News as an organ of the Republican Party, remember: Fox News almost immediately apologized for posting comments made in jest. For over a week, Dan Rather aired and attempted to defend, a story that could have influenced the election. And he still has a job.


Thus Spake The Chixy Dick

"We have nothing to lose at this point, so any sort of fear or inhibition is out the window,'' (Natalie) Maines said by telephone this week. "We definitely want a regime change, and now that we're getting down to the wire I'm even less afraid to speak out. I just think things are absolutely life or death right now.''

Deep, Natalie. Real deep. Next time you eat a whole pack of Oreo's in one sitting, make sure to wash it down with a nice, piping-hot mug of Uncle Dave's STFU, you barely sentient, bipedal rhinoceros. I'd suggest you take some of that money you've made on lame-ass Fleetwood Mac covers and visit the Sudan, where there are plenty of displaced widows who could learn you a thing or two about what's "absolutely life or death right now."


Pass The Kleenex

Permission to flog the media barons who green-lighted know-nothings like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart to discuss politics? I just watched Stewart interviewing Rudy Giuliani on "The Daily Show" and was amazed at the gall Stewart showed by mocking Bush's mention of the Polish military contingent in the debate last night. And though he called him on it and informed him of how disrespectful he had just been, shame on Giuliani and the other political media whores who step foot on that faux news program.

It is my understanding that although a great many Poles are opposed to the war in Iraq, a recent worldwide survey concluded that most Poles would elect Bush if they had the opportunity to vote in our election. That said, out of respect to the many Poles laying their lives on the line in the Iraq conflict, it would behoove Mr. Stewart to STFU and have some respect for those in harm's way.

After all, should another 9/11 take place, it is the same brave warriors like the Poles fighting in Iraq, who will be taking the fight overseas and defending civilization, while the Jon Stewart's of the world, once again, sit before their cameras and teleprompters, blubbering like children about the inhumanity of it all.

Rant: F*** ESPN

I've had it with ESPN.com. They have officially jumped the f'in' shark. I'm switching over to SportingNews.com. I had a feeling that any legitimacy ESPN had was lost with the untimely passing of Ralph Wiley (when is death really ever timely?), but my fears have been confirmed.

Reason 1: Politics? Yes. For Pete's sake, the ONE F'ING TIME I don't want to hear about BushKerry/KerryBush is when I'm looking for MLB scores from the previous night! Leave politics and baseball to George Will. George Will was kidnapped by aliens 50 years ago and his DNA genetically manipulated to give him the superhuman ability to bend aluminum AND to write intelligently, logically and reverently about sports and politics. Ralph Wiley had this ability as well, but the jackasses at ESPN.com don't hold a candle to Ralph Wiley and they shouldn't try. Seriously, I'm trying to get updated about the AL West pennant race and I have to hear about the political leanings of the Chuck Hirshbergs and Jim Caples of the world, as if I give a shit!

Reason 2: Where's the sports? It's like the MTV of sports news. I know that ESPN was built for Sports/Entertainment (just like the WWE, right?), but at this point, it's total overkill. They have this piece of crap called Page 2, where they obviously feel the need to talk about movies and some fake election they're having over there and it's all just multiple layers of thick bullshit. Really. These are people with nothing better to do with their lives than ramble on in a self-congratulatory manner about caca. Then again, I suppose I would too if I was PAID TO DO NOTHING.

Reason 3: The spawn of Page 2, Dan Shanoff. I sent a perfectly respectful e-mail to Mr. Shanoff today, after reading this comment posted at his "Daily Quickie":

"The Yankees reach 100 wins for the third straight season, the first time they've done that in franchise history, and become the fifth team to do it, following the '97-99 Braves, '69-71 Orioles, '42-44 Cardinals and '29-31 Philly A's.

Sorry, congrats are not in order. With that much talent and that much payroll, this team should have won 110."

Really? So you can't even congratulate a franchise for consistently putting a quality product on the field? They're only the 5th team in MLB HISTORY to accomplish what they have and congrats are not in order?

Here's something the former Harvard Business School atendee, Mr. Shanoff, posted at BlackTable.com; a "what-if-Kurt Cobain-had-lived", if you will:

"A 37-year-old Kurt Cobain wouldn't be pretty. Sure as he'd be coloring his hair, he'd have a blog. Oh lord, he'd have a blog. He'd have called his third solo record effort "Blogosphere" (or certainly had an eponymous single). Maybe blogs could have saved him, like they've saved so many other angst-ridden people in their 20s and 30s.

If nothing else, he'd have a "Celebrity Playlist" on iTunes. What you wouldn't see is all the Nirvana-derivative bands; they wouldn't exist, or, at least, they would need the imprimatur of Cobain -- he'd have a catch phrase of approval, like Randy Jackson's "What's up, Dawg?" Maybe he'd have even invented "What's up, Dawg?"

Do you see my point now? Apparently, all you need to do nowadays is place a pen and pad in the hand of an infant or chimpanzee and it passes for good writing. I think it's a safe assertion that Mr. Shanoff doesn't know shit about shit, although we're probably better off with him at a cubicle at ESPN HQ, as opposed to him sitting in a board room at Goldman Sachs, contributing to some project which will surely help to destroy a Lower East Side neighborhood. I shouldn't be surprised by anything Shanoff says, as he claims in an interview at the Gothamist.com, that the greatest New Yorkers of all time are the leftist Punch Sulzberger, former Fuhrer at that wonderful Communist party organ, the New York Times, and the microscopically proportionate, yet macroscopically racist Spike Lee. Apparently, no one informed Mr. Shanoff that the greatest New Yorker of all time is Jesus Christ.

To conclude, unlike those damn Yankees, congratulations are in order for you Mr. Shanoff. You've sealed the deal on my exit as a reader at ESPN.com (though I'll miss watching the 'Sports Guy' twist in the wind as his hapless Red Sox continue their uncharted foray into sucking). Further, I just noticed you are to be married this weekend.

I'll be sure to keep the bride to be in my prayers. Mazel tov!

Presenting: The WTF Moment Of The Evening

At a Q&A session at Harvard University, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia lets on that he'd probably rather be at a T&A session, quote:

“I even take the position that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged,” Scalia said.

Judge Scalia, I'm guessing that the position you'd prefer to take would be as the meat in a Sandra Day O'Connor/Ruth Bader Ginsburg sandwich, as Clarence Thomas sits nearby, scrutinizing the inside of a can of Fanta for any rogue, terrorist short hairs. Brrrr.

Truth In Advertising

Whenever I log into my Hotmail account, this advertisement comes up for LavaLife. Apparently, it's some online dating service and they always post a random picture of an available young woman who obviously keeps a profile with the service. Now, I'm no Prince Charming, but must every woman they post a picture of look like she was actually dipped in lava?

Master Debaters

Kerry is obviously the superior public speaker. He had a plan and he seemed to have followed it to the letter. It's almost painful to watch Bush at times. Small wonder most of Europe thinks we are politically inept. Then again, let us not forget that Europe is the continent that spawned Hitler, Tito, Franco, Mussolini, Milosevic, Ceausescu, etc., so pardon me for saying that most of Europe can be my guest and help itself to a piping-hot mug of fresh-brewed STFU.

I'd be a liar and a PBS donor if I didn't confess to breaking away from Lehrerpalooza for a few minutes of Yankees-Twins. Still, I was tuned in for most of the debate and to quote a famous matador: "The air was rife with bullshit." Bush's constant rah-rah slogans and his failure to fess up to the politically correct failure which is the Iraq semi-occupation, really begins to wear thin about 40 minutes in. He was visibly hot under the collar at some of the comments made by Kerry, but that's a non-issue. At least Bush bears a semblance of emotion, as opposed to Kerry's meticulously carved, "Nip/Tuck" ghoul visage. Bush made decent defenses of his actions, but his grunts and obvious moments of "Oh-shit-what's-the-word-I-want" are a massive chink in the armor of his 8 point lead. He better get it together before the next debate, for Al Gore this is not.

It was sickening to watch Kerry regurgitate the 9/11 Kangaroo Comission's outrageous lie that Saddam Hussein was totally uninvolved with Al Qaeda (Frank Gaffney, Laurie Mylroie and Stephen Hayes have info to the contrary). However, it was mildly refreshing to hear Flipper finally commit to discussing what some of his policy initiatives might be (spit) if he were to be elected (spit). Now that he has committed his opinions to record, can anyone doubt what a colossal failure he would be as a President? Really, what's he going to discuss bilaterally with Kim Jong Il? Hair care tips? Which cognacs they prefer? Don't get me wrong: there's alot to attack Bush on, but all Kerry told the nation last night was that he'd do a fantastic job chapping his lips on the ass of the Globe as our apologist-in-chief.

Regardless, it's all moot points in a moot court. Whether you agree or disagree with the Iraq War v.2.0, if you can't see it for what it is (preparation of a staging ground against Syria and North Korea, as well as a political and geographic wedge in the Militant Islamist hegemony firmly established by the Iranian Mullahs), don't even bother thinking about the election.

Just tune back to Oprah and enjoy the searing political analysis from the cast of "Charlie's Angels."